Makers of Plan B One‑Step® Emergency Contraception Donate More Than 325,000 Tablets of Plan B to Community Organizations Across the U.S., Helping Women Access Critical Health Resources

Foundation Consumer Healthcare is Proud to Partner With More Than 700 Organizations Across 48 States and Washington, D.C. as Part of the Largest and Longest‑Standing Emergency Contraception Donation Program in the U.S.

Committed to Ensuring Women in Under‑Served Communities Have Access to Sexual Health Education and Resources for Years to Come

PITTSBURGH, PA., September 20, 2023—Foundation Consumer Healthcare (FCH), the makers of Plan B One‑Step® 1.5 mg levonorgestrel emergency contraception (Plan B) today announced its Community Impact Program has donated more than 325,000 tablets of Plan B emergency contraception to more than 700 organizations across 48 states and Washington, D.C. The Plan B Community Impact Program donates Plan B product and bilingual fact sheets free of charge to advocacy organizations supporting women in under‑served communities.

As the #1 OB/GYN‑recommended brand of emergency contraception, Plan B maintains the largest and longest‑standing emergency contraception donation program in the country as part of an ongoing goal to ensure people have access to emergency contraception when they need it, and to support the organizations and clinics who can distribute it directly to them. This commitment comes to life through the Plan B Community Impact Program, which, through the work of community organizations, supports women in under‑served communities where access to healthcare products may be difficult, such as contraception deserts and areas with limited access to medical care.

“There are so many incredible organizations, clinics, and student groups around the country who play a critical role in providing sexual health and wellness resources to their communities,” said Tara Evans, Marketing Director, Plan B One‑Step. “We are proud to support these partners through product donations and educational resources to help strengthen the direct impact they are making in women’s lives. We are committed to supporting women’s health programs and ensuring their access to emergency contraception for years to come.”

FCH firmly believes that access to emergency contraception and sexual health education is critically important for women everywhere. The Plan B Community Impact Program has supported women around the country over the course of several years and will continue to expand its reach in the future. Plan B One‑Step is always available over the counter at retailers in all 50 states – no age requirement, ID or prescription is required to purchase. To learn more about the Plan B Community Impact program, visit

About Plan B One‑Step®

Plan B One‑Step (levonorgestrel) 1.5 mg tablet is emergency contraception that helps prevent pregnancy before it starts by temporarily delaying ovulation. It must be taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex, a missed birth control pill, or if the condom broke. The sooner it is taken, the better it works. Taking Plan B will not affect future fertility. For additional information, visit

About Foundation Consumer Healthcare

Foundation Consumer Healthcare, LLC (FCH) is an over‑the‑counter (OTC) consumer healthcare company located in Pittsburgh, PA. FCH develops and markets a variety of expert‑recommended, consumer‑preferred OTC healthcare products. Our flagship brand, Plan B One‑Step®, is the #1 OB/GYN recommended emergency contraception in the US. Through our work with Plan B, FCH continues to make strides to provide education and increase access to emergency contraception for women.

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